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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

How tricky it is at the Monument Garage?

Last Friday, my wife drove my car to the Monument Garage located in the JHU Monument parking lot to repair one of the headlights since I was stopped by a cop and was asked to do so. The manager checked the right light that didn't work and the left one worked. After paid the charges (about 30 dollars), my wife went to drive my car, and found out that the left one blacked out!

I realized that this was weird, and recalled what happened to me two similar stories. I once had asked the garage to repair my AC, they charged me 80 dollars for checking leaking and recharging Frion and told me no leaking was found. After two months, the Frion was gone and the car became hot. And even worse, no air came out to blow my windshield, so I had to wipe my windshield when it was foggy. And I had to repair my AC again!

Another story is about oil leaking. They charged me 110 dollars for checking leaking and "repairing" the leaking problem. I then drove the "fixed" car to the Korea market and found out it was leaking all the way to the market. I then went back to the garage, and paid more to have it fixed...

This time I asked the manager to refund the money, he did almost the same to me and asked me to pay more for the left light. I was very angry and told him I would never let him to access my car. However, he rejected my request.

I then went to the Bank of America with my wife, trying to ask them to stop paying the money. Unfortunely, my wife used her Check Card, her money was instantly charged. The representative of the bank suggested me to call the national Better Business Bureau in DC to punish or shut down the garage.

How tricky it is at the Monument Garage? But the garage is still running.


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