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Monday, November 29, 2004

I saw two cars were hugging!!!

I saw two cars were "hugging"!!!

Once again it happened at the cross of Rutland Avenue and East Eagle street, north of Johns Hopkins medical campus.I parked my car in the west side of Rutland avenue today. I went to drive my car about 2:30 PM, since I wanted to pick my daughter at Townson High. When I sat down and bucked up, I heard great noise out side of my car and a car ran restlessly and wildly into my car. It turned to the right when it almost hit my car and killed me! The Rutland Avenue is a two-way, two-lane road. The car stopped on the yellow lines for a while and parked on the east side of the avenue. The other car stopped exactly in the middle of the cross. I saw the two cars were hugging together in the cross! Both of the car were speeding almost forty miles per hour, about 20 miles higher than the speed limit. And the other car failed to stop on the stop sign.


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