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Monday, March 29, 2004

Life in Towson: "Whom No need to attend the driver's school!"

Some Chinese think they are wise or smart that they don't pay for the driver's school, instead they show a fake Chinese driver's licensce to MVA. As they own a driver's licese it is not necessary to take classes in the driver's school, and they can save time, and most of all, money.

I know two cases these guys did not have a legal driver's license at all before they came to the States. They passed only the road test to get a "driver's license", not a a "provisional license" which I had when I had to finish knowledge, and road test after waiting for more than four months.

These guys all experienced accident after they got their driver's license. Both of them losed their cars, since the cars were seriously damaged...I had two minor accidents in three years, but it was not my fault. Well, I also had a ticket, but the cop was crazy.


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